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Question R06
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Description Scrolling to the left and right on the Job List Menu and Output Group Display seems erratic at times. Sometimes "RIGHT 10" does nothing, even though there are additional columns to the right.
Answer IOF scrolls left and right by field (column) boundaries on all "list" type menus. IOF will never scroll to the middle of a field.

The leftmost columns on all IOF "list" type menus do not participate in horizontal scrolling. Fields like the menu number, jobname and status thus remain at a fixed position on the screen.

"RIGHT 10" will do nothing when the width of the leftmost column on the display is larger than 10 characters wide. "LEFT 10" does nothing when the rightmost column is wider than 10 characters.


The IOF Job List Menu in particular, and other displays of this type, can be particularly confusing. Consider the display example shown below of a Job List Menu that contains three different SECTIONS; Input Job, Running Job and threeOutput Jobs.

 ------------------------------ IOF Job List Menu -------------( 56 )-----------
 COMMAND ===>                                                 SCROLL ===> CURSOR
 --------------------------------- Input Jobs ----------------------------------
 _    1 K19COPY  J026334     JOB  SYSJ99   K         9
 -------------------------------- Running Jobs ---------------------------------
 _    2 TST499   J026301          TSI1       :33     20983 COMPILE  LCL782   IN
 --------------------------------- Output Jobs ---------------------------------
 _    3 SYSABLE  J026333        8 SYSJ99   LOCAL              54K      311 13:55
 _    4 MM1199   J026311          SYSJ99   LOCAL.SYSRR29     2753      311 10:51
 _    5 MABLE777 J026310          SYSJ99   NEWYORK.RMT1933    55K      311 10:51

The MENU, JOBNAME, JOBID, ACT and STAT fields appear on all 3 sections, and are fixed and will not scroll.

The first scrollable field in the Input Jobs section is the OWNER field. OWNER is 8 characters wide.

The first scrollable field in the Running Jobs section is the SYID (sysid) field. SYID is 4 characters wide.

The first scrollable field in the Output Jobs section is the OWNER field which is 8 characters wide, the same as . in the Input Jobs section.

If you enter "RIGHT 7" (or type 7 in the COMMAND line and press PF11), the Running Jobs section will scroll right one field. But the other two sections will not scroll at all, because the scroll amount is not as wide as the leftmost scrollable field.


Suggestion When scrolling RIGHT or LEFT on an IOF "List" type menu, cursor scrolling is probably less confusing than scrolling a number of columns. Place the cursor in the field you want at the left or right of the screen, and then press PFK10 or PFK11.


Note IOF "list" type menus include:
  • Job List Menu
  • Output Group Display
  • Job Summary Panel
  • Device List Display
  • System Monitor
  • JES2 System Display (MAS) (/I>


Note IOF Browse does not have fixed columns so does not follow the rules described above.
More Help Click here to EMAIL a problem report to IOF Technical Support for additional assistance.


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