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Description What does return code 10577 mean?
Information IOF commands give return codes to indicate errors. When running IOF from a terminal you normally don't see the return code, but instead see the short error message displayed at the top right of the screen. IOF Rexx execs and clists have the return code returned in variable "rc" or "LASTCC".


Answer Return code 10577 means that a bad command was entered. The short error message is "Command". The long error message obtained by pressing PF1 is "Invalid command entered in primary input area".


IOF displays short error messages on the right side of the top line of the display. Pressing the HELP key (PF1) causes the long error message to be displayed on the second line of the display. Many IOF batch TSO clists and Rexx execs detect IOF error conditions and automatically display the long error message in SYSTSPRT.

IOF error messages are generated based on function return codes. To determine the short and long error messages associated with IOF return code nnnn, enter "ERROR nnnn" on any IOF panel. The short error message will be displayed. Press the HELP key (PF1) to display the long error message.

Batch TSO jobs are subjected to the same access control rules as normal TSO sessions. Analyze the IOF error messages as if they were displayed at a normal TSO session, and take the same action to correct the error.

More Help Click here to EMAIL a problem report to IOF Technical Support for additional assistance.


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