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Problem B03
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Description System abend 0Cx. (0C1, 0C4, etc).
Background Most IOF abends produce an IOF Diagnostic Area dump on the screen. A copy of the dump is also included in the Job Console Log of the TSO session, and in SYSLOG. An IBM indicative dump is usually also written to the Job Console Log and to SYSLOG. The information provided by these dumps helps IOF Technical Support diagnose and solve your problem.

Select the Job Console Log for the TSO session after experiencing an IOF abend. Both dumps should appear. Please have these dumps available when calling IOF Technical Support. Attach a copy of the dumps to emailed problem reports.

A sample Job Console Log including the two dumps is shown below.

                     J E S 2  J O B  L O G  --  S Y S T E M  T S I 1  --

09.05.23 TSU34499 ---- FRIDAY, 22 JAN 2016 ---- 09.05.23 TSU34499 $HASP373 SYS099 STARTED 09.05.23 TSU34499 IEF125I SYS099 - LOGGED ON - TIME=09.05.23 10.49.08 TSU34499 IEA995I SYMPTOM DUMP OUTPUT SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=0C1 REASON CODE=00000001 TIME=10.49.08 SEQ=00142 CPU=0000 ASID=0055 PSW AT TIME OF ERROR 071C0000 886212E6 ILC 2 IN

ACTIVE LOAD MODULE ADDRESS=085EF2B0 OFF NAME=IOFT8A0M DATA AT PSW 086212E0 - D01407FE 000090EC D00C07 GPR 0-3 00000000 08729D19 08729CC8 08729CC8 GPR 4-7 00000001 00000000 086D227C 086D2338 GPR 8-11 08620D5C 88611B3C 88611A0E 08728800 GPR 12-15 08611948 087294B8 88611E60 086212E4 END OF SYMPTOM DUMP 10.49.08 TSU34499 IOF 8F0 ABEND DIAGNOSTIC AREA 10.49.08 TSU34499 0000 840C1000 001107F6 001D0518 000CFFFF *d.. 10.49.08 TSU34499 0010 086212E0 D01407FE 000090EC D00C0700 *... 10.49.08 TSU34499 0020 071C0000 886212E6 00020001 7EC49001 *... 10.49.08 TSU34499 0030 00000000 08729D19 08729CC8 08729CC8 *... 10.49.08 TSU34499 0040 00000001 00000000 086D227C 086D2338 *... 10.49.08 TSU34499 0050 08620D5C 88611B3C 88611A0E 08728800 *... 10.49.08 TSU34499 0060 08611948 087294B8 88611E60 086212E4 *./.


Solution You may have to contact IOF Technical Support if you experience an IOF abend. You can send email about the problem by clicking below. Please include a copy of the IOF Diagnostic Area dump in the email, or have a copy available if you phone.

IOF Technical Support can be reached by phone at (919) 544-0090.


Information You may have to call or email IOF technical support if you experience an IOF abend 0Cx. in this case, the more information you can provide, the easier it will be to solve the problem.

When it abends, IOF usually displays a seven to twelve line diagnostic area on the screen. A copy of the diagnostic area is also written to the Job Console Log of the TSO session, and to SYSLOG. This diagnostic information is very helpful to IOF technical support when diagnosing a problem. Please attach a copy of the diagnostic area to your email or have a copy available when you call IOF technical support.

If you are making modifications to IOF exits or source code, knowledge of the diagnostic area format will also be useful to you.

0000   840C1000  001107E2  001D050C  000CFFFF    *d......6........*
0010   085DA2E0  D01407FE  000090EC  D00C0700    *.)s\}.......}...*
0020   071C0000  885DA2E6  00020001  000BC000    *....h)sW......{.*
0030   00000000  086E1D19  086E1CC8  086E1CC8    *.....>...>.H.>.H*
0040   00000001  00000000  0868B27C  0868B338    *...........@....*
0050   085D9D5C  885CAB3C  885CAA0E  086E0800    *.).*h*..h*...>..*
0060   085CA948  086E14B8  885CAE60  085DA2E4    *.*z..>..h*.-.)sU*

Line 1 contains the abend code, the coded PSW and coded R14 at the time of the abend. The PSW and R14 are coded so that they can be used to determine where in IOF the abend occurred without the need of a link edit map. In example diagnostic area above, line 1 column 1 contains X'840C1000'. This indicates a system abend 0C1. The coded PSW in word 2 has a value of X'001107E2'. The first 2 bytes, X'0011' is a coded CSECT code as shown below. The second 2 bytes, X'07E2' is the displacement within the coded CSECT. The third word, X'001D050C', is the coded CSECT and displacement of the return register, R14.

Line 2 contains the twelve bytes of data surrounding the PSW. Lines 3 through 7 contain the PSW, instruction length, interrupt code, translate exception address, and the 16 general purpose registers in effect at the time of the abend. If the abend occurs inside an SVC, then 5 additional lines containing another set of PSW and register values is also displayed.

The following list provides some of the more common csect codes for user modifiable code:


More Help Click here to EMAIL a problem report to IOF Technical Support for additional assistance.


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