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IOF Problem Resolution
Problem B02
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Description System abend 16D. ESR number not found.
Background IOF requires either an ESR or an SVC in order to gain required authorization. The customer selects the ESR or SVC in member A10AUTH of the IOF OPTIONS library. Instructions for installing the ESR or SVC are provided in the comments in A10AUTH, and in Section 2 of the IOF Installation Guide which can be downloaded from this web page.


Solution The ESR specified in option A10AUTH is not resident in LPA on this system. "AUTH ESR=nnn" was specified in the A10AUTH member of the IOF OPTIONS library.. Member IGX00XXX of the IOF LOAD library must be copied to a system LPA library as member name IGX00nnn, where "nnn" is the value specified in the "ESR=nnn" parm in A10AUTH.

Check section 2 of the IOF Installation Guide for more detailed information about installing the IOF ESR or SVC on the system.

Check to insure that another module with the name IGX00nnn does not exist in LPA, perhaps in an earlier LPA concatenation.


Note A system IPL is required in order for a member of an LPA library to be accessable by the system unless this site has one of the products that dynamically update LPA libraries.


Note When the primary solutions to a problem do not change the symptoms, perhaps the wrong IOF load module(s) are being executed. The IOF and IOFSPF modules will load from a STEPLIB or ISPLLIB. The IOF/CICS IOFCIC load module (invoked by transaction code IOF) runs from a library in the CICS DFHRPL concatenation. The other four IOF load modules must be resident in a system LINKLIST or LPA library. See the January/February 1999 Newsletter for a better discussion of IOF load modules.

IOF/TSO provides the IOFWHERE Rexx exec in the IOF CLIST library to assist in determining the specific load modules and libraries being used. To use IOFWHERE, make sure that the IOF CLIST library is concatenated to the SYSPROC file for the TSO session. From ISPF Option 6, or from TSO READY, enter:

The library names and module names for all the IOF load modules will be listed to the terminal. Be sure that the libraries listed are the correct ones.


Note The SVC and ESR supplied with IOF is identical for releases IOF 7D through 8A. The same SVC or ESR can be shared by IOF/TSO and IOF/CICS. There is no reason to change the IOF SVC or ESR when upgrading to a newer IOF release.
More Help Click here to EMAIL a problem report to IOF Technical Support for additional assistance.


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