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IOF Problem Resolution
Problem A01
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Description The IOF expiration date patch does not extend the expiration date. Invoking IOF continues to get the "EXPIRING" or "EXPIRED" message after applying the new expiration patch.
Background The IOF expiration patch should be saved in the A50EXPIR member of the IOF OPTIONS library. The patch is applied by running the M40EXPIR job from the IOF INSTALL library.

M40EXPIR runs the IMASPZAP (superzap) program to apply the new patch to two libraries:

  • The IOF LOAD library
  • The system linklist library specified in the C64LINK member of the IOF OPTIONS library.
The linklist library is the critical library that must be patched in order to activate a new expiration patch. The IOF/TSO IOF and IOFSPF load modules are the only IOF load modules that will run from a STEPLIB or ISPLLIB. The IOF/CICS IOFCIC load module (invoked by transaction code IOF) runs from a library in the the CICS DFHRPL concatenation. All other IOF load modules (modules with names of the form IOFpvvxm) must reside in a system linklist or LPA library. See the January/February 1999 Newsletter for a more complete description of IOF load modules.
Solution Perhaps the wrong IOF load module(s) are being executed. The IOF and IOFSPF modules (IOFCIC for IOF/CICS) will load from a STEPLIB, ISPLLIB or CICS DFHRPL. The other four IOF load modules must be resident in a system LINKLIST or LPA library. IOF, IOFSPF and IOFCIC are bootstrap modules that initiate the IOF dialog. These modules attach specific versions of the IOF processing modules. See the January/February 1999 Newsletter for a better discussion of IOF load modules.

IOF/TSO provides the IOFWHERE Rexx exec in the IOF CLIST library to assist in determining the specific load modules and libraries being used. To use IOFWHERE, make sure that the IOF CLIST library is concatenated to the SYSPROC file for the TSO session. From ISPF Option 6, or from TSO READY, enter:

The library names and module names for all the IOF load modules will be listed to the terminal. Be sure that the libraries listed are the correct ones.

If IOFWHERE does not reside in a system SYSPROC or SYSEXEC library, from ISPF option 6 execute the full data set name and member name:

    ex 'iof.clist.dsname(IOFWHERE)'


Solution Refresh LLA and VLF. You could be executing a memory resident copy of of the "U" (User Options) load module instead of fetching a new copy from the linklist library.

Also be sure that you do not have IOF running on another ISPF split screen. If IOF is running on another split screen, a new copy of the "U" module will not be fetched.

More Help Click here to EMAIL a problem report to IOF Technical Support for additional assistance.


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