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Question T02
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Description How do I invoke IOF dynamically? I don't want to copy the IOF library members to system libraries.
Background In order for IOF to function properly, the ISPF ISPPLIB, ISPMLIB, and ISPTLIB libraries must be available. The ISPF LIBDEF function can be used to allocate these three libraries.

In addition, the IOF CLIST and HELP libraries must be concatenated to the SYSPROC and SYSHELP DDNAMES. Unfortunately, the TSO ALTLIB facility will not work to allocating the CLIST library because the ALTLIB is not passed to the new IOF environment.


Answer The CLIST IOF library beginning with release 7F contains a Rexx exec that dynamically invokes IOF. The clist name is different for each release:

    Release 8G  -  IOF8G
    Release 8F  -  IOF8F
    Release 8E  -  IOF8E
    Release 8D  -  IOF8D
    Release 8C  -  IOF8C
    Release 8B  -  IOF8B
    Release 8A  -  IOF8A

The IOF MPI install exec modifies the IOF8x exec to set the correct DSNAME prefix. This allows the execs listed above to invoke the specific version of IOF as a TSO command for easy testing of the new release.

Copy the IOF8x exec to a system SYSPROC or SYSEXEC library. To invoke the 8C exec from an ISPF panel, add the SELECT statement below.


If you do not use "I" as your local IOF selection character, change the leading "I" in the SELECT statement above to your selection character. The "ISPFPANEL" constant must be coded exactly as shown as the last parm in the "CMD" statement. This parm tells the exec that it is being invoked from an ISPF panel, and it adjusts the way it passes parms accordingly.


The IOF SAMPMOD library contains two execs that can be used to invoke IOF dynamically.

IOFSTART allocates the required libraries and invokes IOF. It does not free the IOF CLIST and HELP libraries at IOF termination so that subsequent invocations of IOFSTART run quicker than the original invocation.

IOFTEST is the same as IOFSTART except that the CLIST and HELP libraries are freed at IOF termination.

Both IOFSTART and IOFTEST require that the IOFADDC exec be copied to a system SYSEXEC or SYSPROC library.


Caution The IOF CLIST library must have the same RECFM as the data sets in the SYSPROC concatenation.

Some sites still use RECFM=VB for clist libraries. The IOF CLIST library is RECFM=FB. The different data set types can not be concatenated. Attempts to do so results in a system abend 001.

Both the solutions above concatenate the IOF CLIST library to the SYSPROC DD concatenation. Neither the AddConcat subroutine of the IOFxx exec, nor the IOFADDC exec called by IOFSTART and IOFTEST check the RECFM of the IOF CLIST library against the RECFM of the SYSPROC concatenation. If RECFM is not the same, abend 001 will result.

More Help Click here to EMAIL a problem report to IOF Technical Support for additional assistance.


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