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Description Is there a table of IOF vs SDSF commands. This will help SDSF users use IOF.
Background IOF can be generated with several levels of SDSF compatability. In general, higher levels of SDSF compatability cause loss of some IOF function. The table of IOF vs SDSF commands depends on what level of SDSF comparability was generated at a specific IOF site.

IOF has many more commands than SDSF has. The IOF primary commands are designed to be issued from the IOF Option Menu, and can not normally be issued from other IOF panels. This allows the same command to have different meanings on different IOF panels.

For example:

INPUT on theJob Summary means display input data sets.

INPUT on the Option Menu means display input jobs (I) on classes N,P,U and T, as it does in SDSF.


Information The IOF Jump character can always be used to jump directly to the IOF Option Menu. The jump character is "/" at most sites. At other sites, the "+" or ")" are the jump character. The IOF jump character works like the "=" ISPF jump character within IOF.

Enter "/" on any IOF menu to determine if this takes you immediately to the Option Menu. If it does not, then try "+" or ")".

Valid IOF Option Menu commands can follow the IOF jump character.

For example, from any IOF panel, enter: /L to jump directly to view SYSLOG /I to see a menu of input jobs


Answer Users can issue the "QT" (Quick Trainer) command from any IOF panel to display an SDSF conversion dialog. This dialog gives many examples of IOF vs SDSF commands. Quick Trainer panels are tailored to the specific IOF options that have been generated.


Answer The table below shows commands that are approximately the same in IOF and SDSF. "/" indicates that the IOF command must be issued from the IOF Option Menu unless in full compatability mode. Substitute the local IOF jump character for "/".

SDSF cmd works on IOF Option Menu Description
/M DA Yes Monitor (display active jobs)
/J ST Yes Status of specific jobs
/L LOG Yes Display SYSLOG
CN ULOG Yes Personal console
/G O Yes Display non-held output
O (none) n/a Display output jobs
O O Full compatability Display non-held output
/H H Yes Display held output
/I I Yes Display input jobs
/D PR PR Yes Display printers
PREFIX PREFIX Yes Set jobname prefix filter
OWNER OWNER Yes Set owner filter
DEST DEST Yes Set destination filter
SYSID SYSID Yes Set systemid filter for SYSLOG
/D OFF SO Yes Display offloaders
/D LNE LINE Yes Display lines
/MAS MAS Yes Display MAS panel
/INIT INIT Yes Display initiators


More Help Click here to EMAIL a problem report to IOF Technical Support for additional assistance.


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