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IOF Problem Resolution
Problem C05
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Description Error message "Memory" returned when attempting to display a long list of jobs, groups or devices. The long error message returned by pressing PF1 (HELP) is "Insufficient memory to perform requested function".
Background IOF uses extended common storage (ECSA) to fetch infomation from JES2 to the IOF user's address space. The use of ECSA is very temporary. JES2 information is copied to user memory from ECSA immediately after it is fetched from JES2, and the ECSA is freed.

The amount of ECSA required to perform the requested function is not available at the current time. This could be because this site doesn't have enough ECSA. It can also be the result of some other product using too much ECSA or perhaps neglecting to free ECSA.


Solution #1 Wait a few minutes and try again. Perhaps the ECSA shortage is temporary.


Solution #2 If possible, shorten the list of items requested by adding additional parms or filters. For example, don't attempt to fetch a list of all jobs in the system, but limit the list by specifying jobname, owner or destination filters on the IOF Option Menu.

One to eight generic jobnames can be specified in the JOBNAMES field of the Option Menu. In addition, a generic owner can be specified in the SCOPE field, and one to eight destinations can be specified in the DEST field.

Output group selections can be limited by destination, class, and several additional filters. Enter "G?" for the group selection menu, or "H?" for the held group selection menu.

If the problem is with devices, limit the types of devices being requested on the Device Options panel.


Solution #3 Examine the CSA parm in the IEASYSnn member of PARMLIB. The second parm is the number of 1k blocks of ECSA above the line. An appropriate value is system dependent, but it should be large. Change this value if it seems appropriate.

A system IPL is required to increase the amount of ECSA. A system IPL may also be required in order to correct a problem where ECSA was not freed properly.


Note Other products or systems may experience problems if there is a serious shortage of CSA or ECSA.
More Help Click here to EMAIL a problem report to IOF Technical Support for additional assistance.


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