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IOF Problem Resolution
Problem C01
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Description The EVERY command does not work for some users.
Information The EVERY command can be used on many IOF panels to automatically update the information being displayed.


     EVERY n /cmd/  (abbreviated E)
  • n is the number of seconds between refreshes. The minimum number of seconds is specified for each user by the site.
  • cmd is any IOF command, and is optional.

For example, "E 3" on the IOF System Monitor causes the monitor to be refreshed every 3 seconds.

"E 3 D M" when browsing SYSLOG causes the display to refresh and go to the bottom (D M) every 3 seconds.


Solution #1 The MINPAUS parameter on the IOF GROUP macro in the B23ALLOW option controls the EVERY and PAUSE commands. MINPAUS=NONE disables the EVERY and PAUSE commands. MINPAUS=nn specifies the minimum number of seconds that can be specified on the EVERY command. When a smaller interval value is specified, the interval reverts to the MINPAUS parm value.

Insure that the MINPAUS value on all IOF GROUP macros (in the B23ALLOW option) specifies a reasonable value for that group. Specify MINPAUS=NONE if members of a group should not be permitted to issue the EVERY (or PAUSE) command.


Solution #2 Some IOF panels, such as the Job Summary Panel, do not automatically refresh each time the ENTER key is pressed. EVERY simulates pressing the ENTER key. To cause these panels to automatically update, use the REFRESH command:


Note The PAUSE command is used by several IOF batch TSO clists, including SLAMRUN, SLAMPROC, SLAMOPER and IOFWTR. The userid under which these clists is run must be assigned to an IOF GROUP that allows the EVERY and PAUSE commands. See the MINPAUS parm on the IOF GROUP macro description in the B23$DOC member of the IOF OPTIONS library.
More Help Click here to EMAIL a problem report to IOF Technical Support for additional assistance.


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