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IOF Problem Resolution
Problem A05
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Description IOF gets "Expired" error after applying the new expiration patch. It was running OK or with an "expiring" error message before applying the new patch.
Background The correct linklist load module is obviously being patched, because applying the new patch caused the problem.

The IOF expiration patch should be saved in the A50EXPIR member of the IOF OPTIONS library. The patch is applied by running the M40EXPIR job from the IOF INSTALL library.

M40EXPIR runs the IMASPZAP (superzap) program to apply the new patch to two libraries:

  • The IOF LOAD library
  • The system linklist library specified in the C64LINK member of the IOF OPTIONS library.
The linklist library is the critical library that must be patched in order to activate a new expiration patch.


Solution Carefully verify that the value in the REP statement that is saved in the A50EXPIR member of the IOF OPTIONS library is correct. The superzap command is "REP". The location starts at 00 and increments by 08. There should be 16 HEX digits in the patch itself. Each 4 digits should be separated by a comma.


Carefully check to insure that no digits were transposed or entered in error.

Be sure that there are no old "REP" statements in the deck behind the new "REP" statement(s).

If the new REP statement checks out, then perhaps the patch is for the wrong CPU. The expiration patch message gives the CPU model/serial number for which each patch is valid, as well as the limiting expiration date. Check this information to insure that the current CPU is covered by the new expiration patch.

There are two simple ways to verify the CPU model and serial number of the current CPU:

1. From an MVS console, enter the command "D M=CPU". A line like the one below will be displayed for each CPU. Multiple lines will be displayed for MP systems.

         ID  CPU                  SERIAL
         0    +                   01ssssmmmm
ssss is the serial number, and mmmm is the model.

2. The IOFWHERE exec in the IOF CLIST library displays the system libraries in which the IOF load modules reside. In addition it displays the CPU MODEL and SERIAL number of the current CPU. From TSO READY, or from ISPF Option 6, enter:

         EX 'iof.clist.dsname(IOFWHERE)'

Carefully check this information against the model/serial numbers in the new expiration patches.

More Help Click here to EMAIL a problem report to IOF Technical Support for additional assistance.


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