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IOF Problem Resolution
Problem A03
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Description On initial entry, IOF terminates with a "subsystem down" error message.
Background IOF checks the SSVT for the JES2 subsystem to determine that JES2 is active. IOF can not run unless JES2 is active. This error message is issued because the JES2 active check fails.

The SSVT location that defines the JES2 active status changes with almost every JES2 release. Therefore this error message can also mean that IOF is attempting to interface to the wrong version of JES2 because the wrong SSVT location is being checked.


Solution Insure that the IOF being executed has been generated for the current version of JES2. Check the C75ASMJS member of the IOF OPTIONS library to insure that the proper MACRO libraries are defined in the SYSLIB concatenation for the version of JES2 and MVS (OS/390 or z/OS). The SYSLIB statement in the default C75ASMJS is:

  //             DCB=BLKSIZE=32720
  //         DD  DISP=SHR,DSN=&DSNSRC

The first two DD statements are IOF generation libraries and SHOULD NOT BE MODIFIED. The SYS1.MODGEN and SYS1.MACLIB DD statements point to system MACLIBs, and the SYS1.SHASMAC data set points to the JES2 macros. These DSNAMEs are normally correct when IOF is generated on the same system on which it will be run.

If the data sets specified are incorrect, or if additional parms such as VOL need to be specified:

  • Make the required changes to C75ASMJS
  • Run the M10INIT job to rebuild the IOF INSTALL jobs
  • After M10INIT completes, run the M13GEN INSTALL job
  • After M13GEN runs successfully, run the M32COPY job
  • Refresh LLA

More Help Click here to EMAIL a problem report to IOF Technical Support for additional assistance.


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